Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recovery Edge Vector 450

     It's been me I know.  I haven't always felt I had much to say.  I raced...It was fun....blah blah blah. However, I plan on changing that and trying to do what I promised I would do before.  Bring you reviews and such on products that I thought worked.  The most unfortunate thing is, I still haven't talked about UR yet.  Which is probably the worst thing I have done, considering it is the one product I put the most trust in.  Unfortunately, this blog is not about UR either :/  

     My biggest fear when it comes to blogging is that it will become one of those things that causes more confusion about life.  For instance, as a stay at home dad, I see everyone share blogs about having your kids be, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, vaccine free, caffeine free, and fun's exhausting, and frankly confusing.  Blogs will convince you that you are a terrible person for the choices you make and show you that stay at home moms that shop only at Whole Foods are the most intelligent humans ever and we should have them help with the future space programs. Without them, we will screw it me.  Also I don't want my triathlon posts to become a dumb Slowtwitch rant about seat height.  If you ever want triathlon humor, check out a Slowtwitch forum.  The best middle of the pack age groupers congregate there to talk about how the pros suck and how your saddle should be .0002mm more down so that you can gain that 1 millionth of a second advantage.  I mean come on the have raced 6 triathlons, they know best.

This post today will hopefully be the shortest, but sweetest one.  Vector 450 is a product I have heard about from a friend of mine for around a year now.  Typically when someone is an ambassador or sponsored by the product, I listen, but don't take it to heart.  It's the hater in me.  that's all, no other excuse. I'm a terrible person.  I just never can trust someone that one day used one product, and the next day they get sponsored by their competitor and now they swear by it, and hate the other product. :)  However, a couple of months ago, I was starting to go through my supplements and deciding which ones were ridiculous and not doing anything and which were.  Then I remembered my friend Jackie and how she loved Vector like a fat kid loves candy.  So I thought I'd ask for some candy, a couple months later and I'm ready to talk about it.

     I am going to talk to you as an athlete, I have talked to an owner, a sales rep, and an ambassador about the product.  Frankly I am on information overload and am going to simplify it for you.  We know eggs have amazing benefits for you.  Most know the bad part too.  What Vector has done is, take the yolk proteins, more specific, the Muno-IgY and concentrate it.  I believe each capsule contains the proteins extracted from 6 eggs, without the cholesterol and fat of eating 6 eggs.  If I find out the number is different, I will update.  

 Now this is where I pause to make sure we stay on the same page.  This is not a recovery drink in a bottle.  No matter what anyone tells you, this should not be a pill to replace a good 3-1 carb to protein ratio recovery drink.  This is.....differant.  

When you train, you take fluids from one part of the body and redistribute them to others as you break down and ravage your body.  After awhile, this can leave you drained and tired.  Eventually, as anyone who has trained hard will tell you, we get sick.  What has happened is, as we are constantly redistributing fluids around, our immune system begins to weaken also.  Eventually this leaves us down for a few days to battle that random cold in the middle of the summer.  typically it loves to catch up with us during a taper, right?!?!  Nothing like being sick 3 days before a race.  This is where Vector kicks in.  This goes to your gut and helps build good, natural antibodies, that will fight off the training funk.  The funny thing is, when you do this you get other results too.  after awhile the body starts to use the antibodies and recovery is faster as well.

When I started using it, I kept getting the..."Is it working yet?" questions.  The answer was no, every single  Then it happened.  I had a snafu with the order and went without for almost 2 weeks.  My training had not changed, in a month. However into the 2nd week I began to wake up tired and sore.  That forced me to take an extra recovery day.  I did everything the same.  I drank my UR during and I drank my recovery afterwards.  As well as my dry sauna treatments and my recovery compression.  That is when I realized I didn't have my Vector. 

     I believe a good product is one you know works, but can't "feel" the effects.  That allows you to be you. You can shave your body for a fast swim, buy a $13,000 bike, or the best shoes for your run.  However, the only way you are crossing that finish line is with the ugly mug looking at you in the mirror.  I think Vector helps you do that.  So unless you like being sick when you train.  Or want to take extra days to recover like a lazy bum, take Vector 450.

     BTW: I am not an ambassador, sponsored, or receiving campaign kickbacks for this post.  As with anything though, I am an American and live in the Chicago area, so I am not against these things.  

Oh yeah, one more thing.  If you are not an athlete, yes, this will still do wonders for you.  Chicago is having the most craptastic winter ever and my kids have all been sick...not me though.  Enough said.